How to maximize capacity for the Sidekick within the Getaway Bag

How to maximize capacity for the Sidekick within the Getaway Bag

How to reset the Getaway Bag's dividers to create the most space for your Sidekick.

You've just unboxed your new Getaway Bag and Sidekick, and you're eager to start packing them with all the essentials your little one(s) and you need for your family trip! We don't blame you! But, before you start thoughtfully filling every compartment and pocket of your new packs, we strongly recommend you make sure your Getaway Bag's dividers (”shelves”) are set up perfectly to fit your fully packed Sidekick! We really believe in the saying “measure twice, cut once” — and with that in mind, we have written out 4 simple steps below for how to reset your dividers (”set and forget!”) in a way that affords enough space for your fully packed Sidekick, so that you are not finding yourself having to adjust them when your bag is already beautifully packed!

Here’s a quick video walking through how to follow the steps below (and if you prefer to read, continue reading!):

1. Pack your Sidekick.

We designed the Getaway Bag and Sidekick simultaneously and to fit perfectly together, from Day 1. We never leave home without both, as the bags are two peas in a pod. The Sidekick was created to make diaper changing on-the go — particularly in crammed spaces like an airplane lavatory, in the backseat of a car, etc. — as easy as possible. It is therefore compact and capable of holding only what you need. If the Sidekick is “overpacked”, it will be challenging to fit inside the essentials compartment of the Getaway Bag. Here's what we generally recommend filling your Sidekick with:

  1. 4-5x Diapers**
  2. 1x Diaper Cream
  3. Changing Pad (included)
  4. 1x HALF pack of Diaper Wipes — approx. 1” thick** (make sure to place this in the magnetic back-panel pocket.)

After you fully pack your Sidekick, try placing it into the Getaway Bag's Essentials compartment (i.e. the compartment that opens from the left-side, and is designed to hold the Sidekick, diaper changing essentials, or other quick-access items such as emergency medication or s special lovey/blanket.). If your Sidekick zips inside, you are done! Do not proceed with steps 2 to 4. If your Sidekick does not zip comfortably inside, please proceed to Step 2.

2. Empty + expand the Getaway Bag's two largest compartments.

To properly reset your Getaway Bag's dividers —which are the mostly likely reason your Sidekick is not fitting into the Essentials compartment comfortably (besides overpacking the Sidekick!) — you need to empty and expand your Getaway Bag's Main compartment and the Essentials compartment.

Empty the Main compartment. Remove all packaging and recycle. Then gently detach the two dividers from the Main compartment's inner walls, removing them from the Getaway Bag altogether, and set them to the side.

Empty and expand the Essentials compartment. Remove all packaging and recycle. Then fully expand the compartment as much as you can by pushing inward, so that the essentials compartment can fully expand into the Main compartment. There are a couple velcro panels behind the Essentials compartment's lining that often attach to the interior walls of the Main compartment* — you need to completely detach these velcro panels from the interior walls. Within the Main compartment, double check that none of the velcro panels remain attached. This will ensure you have the maximum amount of capacity in the Essentials compartment to hold your Sidekick or any other Essentials you wish to store in here.

3. Place the fully packed Sidekick in Essentials compartment.

Take your fully packed Sidekick and zip it into the Getaway Bag's Essentials compartment. Make sure that the Sidekick's magnetic diapers wipes pocket is facing outward, as this will make it easier to access wipes quickly!

4. Reinstall the dividers in the Main compartment.

When setting up your dividers, take one divider at a time into your dominant hand so that your fingers are holding the 3 velcro edges inward, so that they do not “attach” to the Main compartment's inner velcro walls before you are ready. Make sure all three of the divider's velcro edges are pointing upward when positioned in the Getaway Bag, for maximum strength. When your hand is steady, bring the first divider into the open Main compartment and release each of the 3 edges one at a time — starting with the 2 long velcro edges first, and followed by the short velcro edge. Try to keep the divider as straight as possible (i.e. perpendicular to the back panel of the bag).

As you are releasing the 2 long velcro edges, make sure they are aligned with each other, so they look even/straight within the bag. You want your divider to be as close to the opening/zipper of the Main compartment as possible (ideally touching but behind the binding), while simultaneously making sure it is NOT positioned so close to the zipper that it prevents you from zipping your Getaway Bag shut comfortably. The short velcro edge should be pushed firmly against the wall that divides the Main compartment from the Essentials compartment. Having the Sidekick (or other items) packed into the Essentials compartment prior to setting up the dividers makes this process much easier! Next, repeat this step for the second divider, and do your best to make this divider parallel to the first divider you installed.

The way you choose to perfectly position each of your dividers in your Getaway Bag's Main compartment is dependent on your packing style — how large items are, how you plan to organize your items within the sections, and what items you'll want most accessible. We typically recommend putting the dividers in a configuration that allows for the following (for a full packing guide please see here [link to packing article] or here [link to IG packing reel] or here [link to another IG packing reel]):

  1. Top Section: We put clothing, blankets, burp cloths (soft items) here.
  2. Middle Section: We put the (included lunch bag) here.
  3. Bottom Section: We put toys/entertainment items here so they can be accessed the fastest from both the top/hood or the side entry.



*The reason these velcro panels exist is so that you have ability to collapse the essentials compartment completely, and expand the main compartment to its largest capacity. Using the velcro panels, you can neatly collapse the essentials compartment into the outer wall of the Getaway bag AND then use/attach the velcro panels to neatly create a flatter inner wall. In the future when your child is older and the items you are carrying are significantly larger, you might want the main compartment to be expanded fully, and for the diverse to be removed. We created this option because we want the Getaway Bag to grow with your family.

**If needed, we keep keep additional diapers and an extra pack of wipes in the main compartment or emergency compartment of the Getaway Bag!

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