Made for Explorers

(with kids)

Hot off the press

"No Reception Club makes family adventures a total breeze. Their thoughtfully designed Getaway Bag can not only hold, but expertly organize everything you need while out and about with little ones in tow. (Have you ever seen shelves in a backpack? We didn't think so. Brilliant!)

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"Taking care of a newborn – is mega impressive. Still, it's not always... glamorous. Maybe not ever. New brand No Reception Club is on a mission to change that, having just launched two parent/baby travel products that are extremely functional and even more badass-looking."

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"Designed for anything from daytrips to international travel, The Getaway Bag opens from the side to reveal a unique shelf design inside for keeping all the essentials (and realistically, the non-essentials like the rocks your kid picked up at the park) organized and easy to find."

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"The sleek design speaks to Gemma’s fashion background as it is totally functional with design features you don’t see in other family travel bags. The narrow shape makes it easy for any parent to carry and the stylish black exterior makes it more of an everything bag than a diaper bag."

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Welcome to the Club

No Reception Club is a community of parents with the shared love for the open road. We create elegantly and intelligently designed travel products, with the singular purpose of helping travel to become a greater and more meaningful part of our families’ lives

Born from a love for adventure

Sustainably Made

Our personal commitment to choosing sustainable materials wherever possible from the very beginning, is what led us to only considering and ultimately choosing higher-priced recycled materials for both our shell and lining fabrics, as well as vegetable-tanned leather trim.