How to Pack + Set-Up the Getaway Bag for your next Family Adventure

How to Pack + Set-Up the Getaway Bag for your next Family Adventure

Whether you’re going on a family day trip, weekend road trip, or two-week-long trip overseas with a baby or toddler, one thing is for certain: Packing thoughtfully for the journey ahead is critical to determining how smoothly that car ride or flight goes for everyone involved! 

We designed the Getaway Bag to fit and organize everything you need to get your child and you to your destination. As the creators behind it, we’ve had a lot of time to develop what we feel is the optimal way to pack and set-up the Getaway Bag — and we’re eager to share it with you so that you can get the most out of your bag. We know that every family and trip’s needs are different, but are confident that our guide will be a good starting point as you ready yourself for your next family adventure!

Step 1: Pack Clothing + “Food” + Entertainment for your child into the Main Compartment. 

The Getaway Bag’s Main Compartment had up to 3 separate sections to organize the majority of your little one’s belongings. With instant side access into this compartment, you can get to what your child needs fast. We recommend packing:

  • Extra Clothing on the Top Shelf in the extremely likely event you need to urgently change your little one (or yourself) before you arrive at your final destination. The top entry into the bag will give you extra accessibility to this in a pinch! 
  • Food/Milk in the Middle Shelf, which we highly recommend you store in the insulated lunch bag that is included with the Getaway Bag for maximum freshness.
  • Entertainment Items in the Bottom Shelf. Several small toys, art supplies, little books, loveys, and other novelty items will fit comfortably.

Step 2: Pack Diaper Changing Essentials (the Sidekick!) into the Essentials Compartment. 

The quick access Essentials Compartment is designed to hold multiple diapers, diaper cream, a changing pad, and other small essentials such as important medication (e.g. EpiPens). It is also sized to perfectly fit the Sidekick hip pack which is the ideal companion for on-the-go diaper changes.

Step 3: Pack Your Day-to-Day Essentials (Phone-Keys-Wallet) into the Top/Hood Parent Pocket.

Your own personal day-to-day essentials are best placed in the Getaway Bag’s Top/Hood Parent Pocket for easy accessibility and total separation from your little one’s things. This surprisingly spacious pocket will fit your phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, chapstick, AirPods, and other small items you find yourself constantly reaching for. 

Step 4: Pack your Travel Essentials (Masks-Sanitizer-Travel Guide) into the Front Parent Pocket.

The Front Parent Pocket is the ideal spot to store extra masks for the whole family, hand sanitizer, flat-packaged disinfecting wipes, and small guide books for the journey ahead.

Step 5: Pack your Technology + Reading Material into the TSA-Approved Laptop Sleeve.

The Getaway Bag’s padded TSA-Approved laptop sleeve comfortably fits up to a 16” laptop, iPads, and magazines. We’ve also found this pocket to be perfect for storing larger format picture/activity/coloring books to keep our toddler entertained.

Step 6: Pack your Small Valuables (Passports-Cash-Tickets) into the Security Pocket.

The Security Pocket is concealed discretely behind the Getaway Bag’s luggage pass-through — making it ideal to safely store your family’s passports, spare cash depending where you’re traveling, and other small valuables you want kept out of sight and reach. 


Step 7: Pack your milk/snacks into the insulated lunch box.

Whether your little one is still on an all-milk diet or snacking 24/7, the insulated lunch box included with Getaway Bag will help keep food or liquids cool or warm for multiple hours. Easily remove the lunch bag at mealtimes or security checkpoints for screening. Comfortably fits all common milk bottles — measuring at 8" H x 6" W x 3.75" D.

Step 8: Attach the Stroller Straps onto your travel stroller’s handle. 

The two stroller straps included with every Getaway Bag should be immediately detached from the backpack, and then velcroed onto the handle of your stroller. When you don’t feel like wearing a backpack on your body, the stroller straps allow you to attach the Getaway Bag securely to your stroller. The stroller straps’ triangular clips are designed to hook onto the metal D-rings at the top of the Getaway Bag’s shoulder straps.

P.S. Stash inevitable “messes” (i.e. think: diaper blowouts, spills, spit-up, mud) in the Emergency Compartment. 

Don’t forget about the Emergency Compartment in the base of the Getaway Bag as the ideal spot to store soiled or wet items that materialize throughout your journey — keeping them separate from the rest of your things. The Emergency Compartment is fully lined in odor-resistant, waterproof, easy-to-clean fabric. And when it's empty, the capacity simply transfers into the Main compartment so you don’t waste any space!

And that’s it! You’re now ready to head out on your next family adventure!  Please consider tagging us on Instagram at @noreceptionclub so we can hear all about it!

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