Two Little Travelers: Mastering the Diaper Bag Packing Game for Two

Two Little Travelers: Mastering the Diaper Bag Packing Game for Two

How to pack a diaper bag for two is the ultimate parental test in prioritization! And we’re here to tell you how we did it when we first started flying with a baby (~6-months-old) and a toddler (2.5-year-old). As always, we approach packing in 5 main categories but now with two kids, we strategically place different levels of emphasis on each category depending on the child. And with two littles, prioritizing also means putting the less frequently used items into your carry-on instead of your Getaway Bag — don’t worry, we will explain this too!

To view a video of how we pack everything below:

Packing video for two kids

Without further ado, here’s our list:


Diaper changing accessories

We like to keep our diaper essentials for quick changes on-the-go compact and easily accessible in the Sidekick hip pack. When both littles are still in diapers, we load our Sidekick with:

  • 2x diapers for each child (4x total)
  • 1/2 pack of diaper wipes
  • changing pad (comes with Sidekick)
  • diaper cream

Periodically during the travel day, we will refill the Sidekick with extra supplies that we store in the bottom compartment of the Getaway Bag: 

  • 2-3x diapers for each child (4-5x total)
  • 1/2 pack of diaper wipes

In all likelihood, your toddler won’t need to be changed as often as your baby especially if they’re potty-training, so allocate more space for your baby. 

In your carry-on: Pack more additional diapers for the baby accessible. Every child’s diaper needs is different, so assume in total you need 1.5x diapers what you typically use! 


Accidents happen, and here's what we recommend to keep your littles and you feeling fresh:

  • For your baby: 2x full outfit changes
  • For your toddler: 1x full outfit change (keep additional spare clothes for both in our carry-on).
  • For yourself: 1x extra top. 

In your carry-on: Pack in all your sleep items for both kids — sleep sacks/blankets, loveys, portable sound machines — as well as an additional set of clothes your toddler. 


Entertainment for the plane

Whenever possible, try to pick things you know they could both enjoy (e.g. board books, suction toys) so you can rotate items between littles. Our general guideline is to pack:

  • For your baby: a variety of 4–5 *small* (but not choking hazards) activity/sensory items.
  • For your toddler: 5-8 small or flat activity items. 

In reality, your baby will be delighted with anything novel (e.g. the buckle of a seatbelt! A paper cup!), so prioritize bringing items for your toddler. Also depending on your toddler, allowing them to pack/carry a mini backpack is fun way to get them to carry more activities themselves! 

4. FOOD.

Delays will happen, so be prepared with 1.5x what you expect each child to eat. If your 6-month-old has started solids, they’ll likely have more specific dietary needs (than your toddler) on top of needing milk too — so prioritize your baby’s food needs first!

Certainly pack snacks/water for your toddler, but plan to buy them food at the airport (and possibly plane) to add some warm meals and novel food experiences to their journey! 

In your carry-on: Pack extra food and milk in one centralized additional lunch bag if needed. Keep liquids all in one central spot to minimize the number of items to remove at security screenings.


What do you personally need to get through your travel day? Keep germs at a minimum? And stay hydrated? Our go-to items include:

  • Passports
  • Phone
  • Wallet
  • Sunglasses
  • AirPods
  • Burp cloths/drool bibs
  • Surface sanitizer
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Water bottles/thermoses

In your carry-on: Pack the less frequently used items such as first aid, overnight toiletries, laptop/iPad.

Traveling with two littles is no joke. We hope this list is a useful starting point for you, and helps make your experience less overwhelming as you head this new chapter of family traveling!

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