Introducing NEW upgrades to the Getaway Bag

Introducing NEW upgrades to the Getaway Bag

After selling out of our Getaway Bag inventory (for the 5th time) on September 7th, we're excited to announce that we we will be officially BACK IN STOCK on October 20th. We're also thrilled to share the Fall 2023 restock is 100% made up of our UPDATED Third Edition of the Getaway Bag!

Since starting No Reception Club in 2020, even before the first Kickstarter for the Getaway Bag in July 2021, we committed ourselves to being a (small) business that would never, ever allow ourselves to get too comfortable: We would never stop seeking ways to improve our products, processes, initiatives — even without any external pressures to do so. It is with this mentality that made us release our Second Edition of the Getaway Bag in November 2022, and what has driven us to now release a Third Edition of the Getaway Bag in October 2023 to ensure that we are always offering the very best travel diaper bag available anywhere.

The upgrades we decided to make are based on the most common feedback highlighted by our invaluable customers who shared directly with us this past year. We feel grateful for the direct communication with the incredible community of parent traveler who have bought/used/tested the Getaway Bag on their family adventures. Because we're the only one who speak with our customers, we get to hear firsthand about (a) the many ways that the Getaway Bag is helping parents; and (b) the tweaks that would make the Getaway Bag even better!

Third Edition Upgrades Summary

The tweaks we made include:

  • Air Mesh padding added to the backside of both shoulder straps for additional comfort when wearing the Getaway Bag on longer journeys.
  • Leather handle added to the hood's top handle for increased comfort when lifting the Getaway Bag.
  • Wider luggage pass-through in the back panel to accommodate larger handles on roller luggages
  • 100% Aluminum foil lining added to the Lunch Bag's interior to improve insulation.

These are upgrades in addition to a couple other tweaks we soft-launched in May 2023 but never announced publicly, including: (i) Metal carabiners added to the Stroller Straps (replacing the hooks) to make it easier to attach/detach them one-handed to the Getaway Bag; and (ii) Reshaped the interior stretch laptop pocket to be diagonal within the Technology Compartment to enable removal of devices from both the right side and top (previously only could be removed from the top).

While some may raise eyebrows that a business as small as ours would introduce a Third Edition of our signature product so soon, one of the best parts of being small (and independent!) is that we get to continue doing what we personally feel is the right thing to do. And we feel that continually tweaking/improving our products to make sure they're the best on the market, while always remaining steadfastly loyal to the hero features that our customers love (i.e. customizable internal shelves, side access entry points, “parent pockets” throughout the pack, and our odor- and water-proof "emergency" compartment) — frankly is the right thing to do. For us, anyway.

To get yours before we sell out (again), click here.

Happy travels,

Gemma and Daniel

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Hi there, is there a way to ship the bag to Singapore?

Jessica Wau

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