Announcing our latest upgrades

Announcing our latest upgrades

UPDATE: We sold out of all our Getaway Bags as of 11/23 (just 2.5 weeks after our launch). To get details on our next restock, join our Clubhouse (private FB group).  

As of November 8th, we've been officially BACK IN STOCK. ICYMI, we've been out of stock since August after unexpectedly selling out in just 3 months. We're happy to announce that besides being fully restocked (!!), all of our new Getaway Bag inventory is in our UPDATED Second Edition of the Getaway Bag!

While we’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our customers and press following our initial launch, we’re a brand that strives to continuously listen to our customers, and take an approach of constantly improving our products so we are always offering the very best travel diaper bag available anywhere.

Learning from the most common feedback highlighted by our early customers, it became clear to us that there were a handful of small updates we could execute in our second production run to make traveling with the Getaway Bag even easier. These tweaks include:

  • Increased stretch in side water bottle pockets to allow for larger water bottles
  • Front hood buckle straps lengthened to add additional capacity in the top of the main compartment
  • Interior key fob in front panel pocket replaced with a rounder hardware style, to increase ease of attaching keys, pacifiers, etc.
  • Internal mesh pocket and key fob within the front panel pocket have been moved from the external wall to the internal wall of the pocket, making it easier to store and access small essentials.
  • Drawstring cinch cord fabric swapped out for a denser-weave cord for better hand-feel and to reduce snagging

Combined with features that our customers love like the customizable internal shelves, side access entry points, “parent pockets” throughout the pack, and our odor- and water-proof "emergency" compartment, we think the above changes cement our position as the most versatile, travel-friendly diaper bag on the market.

To get yours before we sell out (again), click here

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