Skiing with Toddlers: The Ultimate Packing List

Skiing with Toddlers: The Ultimate Packing List

Ready to hit the slopes with your little adventurers? Picture this: the thrill of your toddler's first snowy steps, the laughter echoing through snow-covered hills, and the unforgettable joy of your first (of soon to be many!) family ski trips. Yet, let's be real – turning that snowy dream into a reality takes some serious prep. Packing all the right essentials to avoid (or shorten) meltdowns on the ski hill is especially important, and we’re here to help!

As avid skiers, we first put our eldest son on skis when he was 2.5 years old. A weekend ski trip is the perfect amount of time to introduce the love of skiing, without overdoing it. To help make the most of your weekend, we put together a detailed guide on How to Teach Your Toddler To Ski in 3 Days. Before we jump into teaching your little one how to ski though, let’s first cover the packing basics:

Ski with Toddler Packing Guide
Watch how we pack our Hideaway Carry-On Duffel for a weekend ski adventure with our toddler.

The Definitive Packing List for Skiing with Children (Weekend trip)


  1. 3x Top Layers
  2. 3x Base Layers (we recommend moisture-wicking base layers to keep them warm and dry)
  3. 3x Bottoms
  4. 3x Socks
  5. 3x Underwear


Note: For our recommended ski gear purchases, check out our detailed Toddler Ski Gear Recommendations here.

  1. 1x Winter Jacket (ensure that there’s an elasticated spray skirt to stop snow from entering the inside after falling)
  2. 1x Snow Pants (alternative: a full Snow Suit could replace a winter jacket and snow pants)
  3. 1x Snow Boots
  4. 1x Ski Helmet
  5. 1x Goggles
  6. 1x Neck Warmer
  7. 1-2x Gloves / Mittens (we prefer mittens as they tend to be warmer. An extra pair in case of loss.)
  8. 1x Hat (mostly for apres ski as they’ll have their helmet on)


  1. 1x Snack Box (we recommend Kinsho small bento lunch containers as they're super portable on the ski hill itself, and especially handy if there are lines!)
  2. 1x Water Bottle


  1. 1x Sunscreen
  2. 1x Lip Protection w/ sunscreen
  3. 1x Toothbrush & Toothpaste


  1. 3-4x Small Toys
  2. 3-4x Books / Activities

That wraps up our definitive packing checklist for your family ski trip. In order to keep all your toddler ski gear organized, don’t miss our newly launched Hideaway Carry-On Duffel — the new adventure bag made for parents.

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